Words & Pictures by LuLu

NdE: What you’re next to read is not written in native English, as you’ll immediately guess. But we wanted to keep it like it is, because only in this way you can imagine what is hearing the story directly from our friend LuLu’s voice.

One morning I wake up. My brain start thinking what’s different with italian and finnish peoples? I get a idea. Going by bike from Finland to the Italy. Meaby that trip give me a answers? Where is border and what really happen there and why?



I started on the Jyväskylä, Finland. Started on the evening. Why evening? Because I feel it. Went by bike and looked a little more that country than usual. Cannot find nothing more than normal. Of course I was in Finland, must go to the sauna. First went to the Helsinki and with friends by little boat to the sea. There’s one little island, where is free sauna for everybody.






Next day I took a big boat over the sea, go to the Tallin, Estonia. Where is going my road to the Italy? Time tell me. My only plan south and south. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is flat country, but roads not for bike. Big road with trucks and no space for bike, like a hell.  Small roads going total wrong direction. My choice big.. small… big… small…




Poland is better. It’s full a small roads and roads going everywhere. My bike have one sound that’s not normal and cannot do nothing with my bike tools. I met a polish bike man who going long trip by bike and he told to me: “Better caming to the Warsava, my home and we repair it.





Next went to the Czech Republic. Big roads not space for me. Small roads going up and down… always up and down… After Estonia is always weather more than +30°C. I caming so thirsty and tired. What help? Good Czech beer of course. One stop I drank 2 liter beer. My time to the Czech is up and down… beer after beer….




Next country is the Austrian. I spend few days on the Wien. Now follow to the Donau and Donau show me where is the Alps. Near the Donau is road only for a bikes. And you can swim when you like. A water is little dirty, I’m too. “The dirty man going up to the dirty river and birds smiling”.








Last I turn next river Inn. Follow that river and Alps caming to my road. I saw first time on that trip near on the mountains. The Mountains is more black than the old Crow. There is now storm. Better went to sleep and morning tell more… Good luck follow me and morning is so sweet.





Up and up, but no so steep. Alps is Awesome. One night sleep on my hammock and thunderstorms caming narrow valley. Sounds is wonderful. Echo. One day Passo di Maloja caming to my road. Sky started crying first time after the Helsinki on day time raining. But its now only wet kiss. Road down and down to the Andalo. Last Andalo caming to my side and weather is more beautiful than never.








39 nights, 39 days. More than 3.000km. 10 different countries. And my question, what’s different with italian and finnish peoples? I don’t know… Everybody is different, everywhere. We are personalized! Noi siamo UNICA! Olemme yksilöitä!

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