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Italia Far West

Words by Guido Casbah and OK Fede / Pictures by Cello & OK Fede     Words by Guido Casbah I saw everything, I saw nothing. I saw thousands stars shining in a crystal clear sky, I saw animals and magic trees, memories of peoples passed by, martyrs, heroes, wayfarers and bandits. I saw them all but I haven’t seen none of them. We were nowhere, we were everywhere. We...

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Mäuerchen Pass

1. PREFACE: YOU CAN NOT GET OUT ALIVE FROM THE ‘90s (words by Clava) When I was young (my grandpa stories always started like this…) I attended the high school. It was during the 90s and I remember I had the habit to go up on my house attic rummaging and searching inside dusty closets looking for scrawny and shabby clothes that not even grandpa used anymore, not even to spade the...

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La Madonna di Civitavecchia

LA MADONNA DI CIVITAVECCHIA - Words by Cello / Pictures by Cello & Clava   [masterslider id="21"]   F: “What a bore with these bicycles! When will we have chicks and drugs?” C: “Am I wrong or Specialized makes stuff for roadies only?” It’s nice to be the captain of a collective that, when you tell them that maybe we’re into the seekandenjoy project (conceived by Yonder Journal and powered by Specialized) they...

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