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Sacro Macello di Valtellina IV

Words by Vito / Pictures by Alexia, Guido & Cello   Partenza sotto il diluvio, conoscendo i miei polli mi incollo al culo di Mr. Ohm e nei primi km di flat verso il Ghisallo prendo tutti gli schizzi del suo mudguard nei denti. Iniziamo a climbare il Ghisallo come se non ci fosse un domani, mi giro prendendo fiato e mi accorgo che rimaniamo solo io, Ohm e Pascal da Roma;...

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Sacro Macello di Valtellina

Words by Guido|CasbahCicloClub / Pictures by Guido|CasbahCicloClub, Cello & Gaf There’s nothing to say about sacro macello, it is the hardest, toughest, and purest race for track bikes I know. caniscioltivaltellina are a bunch of guys hanging around morbegno, a city on top of como lake, they may appear as normal guys with a good aptitude to alcoholics and over-buttered food, but there is definitely something more underneath. When it comes to riding they...

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Words by Juliet Elliott / Pictures by Dave Noakes & Cello "These guys are total nutjobs. In the nicest possible way.” I was trailing behind three Italian strangers with whom I’d briefly interacted on Instagram, and I was wondering about their sanity. Forty five minutes into a seemingly never-ending climb my legs were beginning to grumble. Switchback followed switchback as we dragged ourselves ever higher into the mountains of Valtellina....

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Via Tremola al San Gottardo / Fixed Gear / 47x17 / Brakeless Words by Pagha / Pictures by Cello & Pagha’s been months we’ve been thinking about doing the Tremola.. it was initially supposed to be a two day ride.. road bikes and gears… two days earlier, after a few beers, we started talking about the next ride and the Tremola came to mind.. ‘yeah Captain, why not?...

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Ma tu non dovevi andare a Istanbul?

Words by Cello / Pictures by Cello and Saverio Foscagno pass / Eira pass / Forcola pass / Bernina pass / Fixed Gear / 47×17 /Brakeless We are off to a fine start, Mr. Ultra-trail-du-Mont-Blanc... / Cominciamo bene, Mr. Ultra-trail-du-Mont-Blanc... Necessary stop / Fermata obbligatoria Monte Coppetto landslide (1987) / Frana del Monte Coppetto (1987) Tunnels on the way to Foscagno pass / Tunnel sulla strada per il passo del Foscagno Stretching at 2291...

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The beast it cometh

Stelvio pass / Fixed Gear / 47x17 /Brakeless Pictures by Cello

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