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La sbraga dei vini

Words by Cello / Pictures by Cello & Fisto Ci stanno una Francese, un Finlandese, due Laghèe e un Capitano che decidono di andare a fare un percorso inesistente: La Strada dei Vini. Il Capitano li aveva avvertiti: "Va' ch'è 'na merda!" ma la Francese se dici: "Bicicletta!" non capisce più un cazzo; i due Laghèe se dici: "Vino!" non capiscono più un cazzo e il Finlandese... lui non capisce...

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La neve piange

Words by Clava / Pictures by Clava, Pagha, Save & Cello March 8th 2015 While reading Cello’s message I remember that day on Maloja pass, sitting on a table in a dry aseptic place, I remember we were laughing at us, thinking about how derisive we were the day before while laying in front of a hot stove saying that, after climbing the Maloja, we should aim at the Bernina...

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The Map

Words & Pictures by Cello THIS-IS-A-MAP It's December 6th and we are in Lucca to race the 4th edition of the Serchio Country Race. Tomorrow. But today we are free and so: - "What about visiting Pisa?" - "Pisa Merda!" - "Yeah, right, always and forever! But what about riding there? We could ask Gori if he knows some prettyprettypretty road to get there..." And now il Babbo di Gori...

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Touring the south of Italy

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