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Tosca Graver Race II

Words by Fisto / Pictures by Cello - “Hey are we going to the Tosca? Ok but you have to borrow me the AWOL cause my cx is broken.” - “Okay ... Look, I should go to Curma to take pictures and this weekend I'd have a free lift and accommodation, so no Tosca?” - “Okay, I also want to rest. Then nothing ... “ - “Oh! Curma skipped. Tosca then!” The important...

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The Unemployee of the Month

Words & Pictures by Guido Casbah The first thing that came to my mind when my boss said: “I’m sorry Guido, we lost our big client, in two months there will be no more work for you” was “ok I’ll ride to Aquasanta Terme for the Holy Water Death Race then”. Two months later I was on a train to Pietrasanta that I decided it would have been the starting...

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Holiday in Cambodia

Words By Cello / Pictures by Cello & Guido - "Se è vero che Pagha è arrivato prima di noi alla partenza c'è un'alta probabilità che durante la gara il Po collassi gravitazionalmente dentro un buco nero..." - "E' così a seguire in fiducia quel cazzo di navigatore senza usare la testa". Di solito ci perdiamo quando siamo in bici. Oggi ci siamo persi anche prima... Il ritrovo è al distributore Keropetrol "quello col...

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The Map

Words & Pictures by Cello THIS-IS-A-MAP It's December 6th and we are in Lucca to race the 4th edition of the Serchio Country Race. Tomorrow. But today we are free and so: - "What about visiting Pisa?" - "Pisa Merda!" - "Yeah, right, always and forever! But what about riding there? We could ask Gori if he knows some prettyprettypretty road to get there..." And now il Babbo di Gori...

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Nostalgia Canaglia

Words by Clava / Pictures by Cello It’s saturday afternoon and I am sprawling on a chair outside my hometown bar, enjoying that sun that in summer I usually reject but now (it’s January 24th) I like so much. On the other side of the bar table sits Farcio - a guy known for his adventures Indiana Jones’ style - I think he is doing the same as I’m… And what...

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Serchio Country Race IV Serchio Country Race IV /// December 7th 2014 Camera: Cello /// Oregon Scientific ATC 9K Editing: Cello Rider: Cello /// Legnano Gran Premio Music: Angelica Mariner /// Kilowatt Whale /// On Failure And Consumption (2007)   Words by Fisto A few years ago they began talking me about Lucca and the strange races held at night after sausages and beers; or in winter, with ice and the risk of...

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Ciao amore, esco a far correre i Cani… Foce dell'Adda /// November 16th 2014 Camera: Cello/Fisto /// Fujifilm X-E1 Editing: Cello Rider: Cello/Fisto /// Pinarello Pista/Bianchi D2 Cross Music: (the) Melvins /// A history of bad men /// (A) senile animal (2006)   Words & Pictures by Cello Last Sunday I woke up late. So after breakfast I planned to go for a TBTW hill-bombing session through the mountains over the Como lake. Alone. I pulled out my Pinarello Pista...

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Oh, Bodengo!

Words and pictures by Cello Sunday is lazy. So we decided for a short/easy/unknow ride through the backward and primitive Bodengo valley: a 10km steep climb on asphalt + a few more on gravel (?) roads to reach Corte Terza. Last time I was there (1997!) an obscure black metal band called Deflorator was smoothly burning its cross during a night show in the forest... Ah, what memories! / La domenica...

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Tosca Gravel Race

Pictures by Cello  

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Full moon, dirty hearts

Pictures by Cello

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