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Tosca Graver Race II

Words by Fisto / Pictures by Cello - “Hey are we going to the Tosca? Ok but you have to borrow me the AWOL cause my cx is broken.” - “Okay ... Look, I should go to Curma to take pictures and this weekend I'd have a free lift and accommodation, so no Tosca?” - “Okay, I also want to rest. Then nothing ... “ - “Oh! Curma skipped. Tosca then!” The important...

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Holiday in Cambodia

Words By Cello / Pictures by Cello & Guido - "Se è vero che Pagha è arrivato prima di noi alla partenza c'è un'alta probabilità che durante la gara il Po collassi gravitazionalmente dentro un buco nero..." - "E' così a seguire in fiducia quel cazzo di navigatore senza usare la testa". Di solito ci perdiamo quando siamo in bici. Oggi ci siamo persi anche prima... Il ritrovo è al distributore Keropetrol "quello col...

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The Map

Words & Pictures by Cello THIS-IS-A-MAP It's December 6th and we are in Lucca to race the 4th edition of the Serchio Country Race. Tomorrow. But today we are free and so: - "What about visiting Pisa?" - "Pisa Merda!" - "Yeah, right, always and forever! But what about riding there? We could ask Gori if he knows some prettyprettypretty road to get there..." And now il Babbo di Gori...

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Nostalgia Canaglia

Words by Clava / Pictures by Cello It’s saturday afternoon and I am sprawling on a chair outside my hometown bar, enjoying that sun that in summer I usually reject but now (it’s January 24th) I like so much. On the other side of the bar table sits Farcio - a guy known for his adventures Indiana Jones’ style - I think he is doing the same as I’m… And what...

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Serchio Country Race IV Serchio Country Race IV /// December 7th 2014 Camera: Cello /// Oregon Scientific ATC 9K Editing: Cello Rider: Cello /// Legnano Gran Premio Music: Angelica Mariner /// Kilowatt Whale /// On Failure And Consumption (2007)   Words by Fisto A few years ago they began talking me about Lucca and the strange races held at night after sausages and beers; or in winter, with ice and the risk of...

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Ciao amore, esco a far correre i Cani… Foce dell'Adda /// November 16th 2014 Camera: Cello/Fisto /// Fujifilm X-E1 Editing: Cello Rider: Cello/Fisto /// Pinarello Pista/Bianchi D2 Cross Music: (the) Melvins /// A history of bad men /// (A) senile animal (2006)   Words & Pictures by Cello Last Sunday I woke up late. So after breakfast I planned to go for a TBTW hill-bombing session through the mountains over the Como lake. Alone. I pulled out my Pinarello Pista...

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Oh, Bodengo!

Words and pictures by Cello Sunday is lazy. So we decided for a short/easy/unknow ride through the backward and primitive Bodengo valley: a 10km steep climb on asphalt + a few more on gravel (?) roads to reach Corte Terza. Last time I was there (1997!) an obscure black metal band called Deflorator was smoothly burning its cross during a night show in the forest... Ah, what memories! / La domenica...

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Tosca Gravel Race

Pictures by Cello  

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Full moon, dirty hearts

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Bike & Hike: Valgerola

Pictures by Cello

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