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Words by Cello | Pictures by Cello, Clava, Fisto & Visconte Cobram   LuCani Sciolti “There aren’t actually any hiking, trail or topographic maps about Basilicata, sir… You could try with the IGM’s maps but most of them date back to the ‘70s… ‘l m’ha dìc inscì ‘l me soci sü a la VEL. “Quindi ciccia!” - I replied. But l’internette and i compiuter have given us a huge amount...

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Italia Far West

Words by Guido Casbah and OK Fede / Pictures by Cello & OK Fede     Words by Guido Casbah I saw everything, I saw nothing. I saw thousands stars shining in a crystal clear sky, I saw animals and magic trees, memories of peoples passed by, martyrs, heroes, wayfarers and bandits. I saw them all but I haven’t seen none of them. We were nowhere, we were everywhere. We...

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Mäuerchen Pass

1. PREFACE: YOU CAN NOT GET OUT ALIVE FROM THE ‘90s (words by Clava) When I was young (my grandpa stories always started like this…) I attended the high school. It was during the 90s and I remember I had the habit to go up on my house attic rummaging and searching inside dusty closets looking for scrawny and shabby clothes that not even grandpa used anymore, not even to spade the...

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Balkans Tour

Words & Pictures by Ila “It’s all uphill!”: these words kept echoing in my head for the entire journey, as a mantra, followed by a series of nice exclamations that are not quite appropriate for a young lady. Day 1 Trieste (IT) - Grahovo, Cerknica, (SLO) Day 2 Grahovo, Cerknica, (SLO)  - Kostanjevica na Krki, Krško, (SLO) Ok, I kind of knew it, I’ve been organising this for the months…long rides,...

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Istanbul? Samo pravo! (Part 1)

Words & pictures by Clava Il treno interregionale entra lentamente nella stazione dell'estremo nord-est dove la strada ferrata s'interrompe. Sono a Trieste. Domani si andrà oltre, con la speranza di incontrare quello che non si è immaginato di incontrare. Ad attendermi tre Toscani, futuri compagni di viaggio: Righe da Prato, Gnabra da Arezzo e Gori da Nozzano Castello. Hanno già provveduto all'alloggio per la notte, un oratorio ci offrirà ospitalità...

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Three dayz of maze – Day 3

Words & pictures by Cello So, here we are Ladies and Gentlemen to narrate the 3rd and last day of maze. I'm here laying on the couch with a laptop on my lap and a beer in my left hand, already missing the stony forays of the days ago through the lands of thin air and redden arses. I asked Pagha if he had by chance taken any picture of me (riding, or...

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Three dayz of maze – Day 2

Words & pictures by Cello 8:00 am - The morning after; sitting in a cafeteria; the barkeeper chatting with a customer: "Holy shit! Last night the temperature dropped down to -3°C. Didn't you notice that?" - "Hey Pagha, did you notice?" - "Nearly..." - "Yeah, nearly..."   8:00 - La mattina dopo; seduti in una caffetteria; il barista parla con un cliente: "Porcatroia! Stanotte la temperatura è scesa a -3°C....

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Three dayz of maze – Day 1

Words & Pictures by Cello I’ll start this off with a loud “FUCK” because I had to give up to my long-awaited bicycle trip to Istanbul. But people say “outside is free” and when I wrote to Pagha to submit him my idea for a 3-days all-mountain MTB tour, I was thinking that that sentence is almost true: - “I ain’t got no money at all, so we must travel...

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Touring the south of Italy

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