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Words by Ila / Pictures by Ila, Pagha & Clava Best ideas (or worst, it depends on your point of view) comes to me unexpectedly. When I share them with friends they contribute to improve them (or worsen, it depends on your point of view). So one day, while I was thinking about my next 33th birthday, I decided to celebrate it with a 333 km bike ride. Clava, our “Nostromo”...

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La Mala Vita

Words by Clava / Pictures by Clava & Ila E’ da un po che non vado a Bergamo. Uscito dalla stazione imbocco il viale e da subito incrocio ciclisti che si aggirano solitari con la mascella serrata e lo sguardo incazzato. Bah! non capisco… per quanto mi riguarda andare in bc è una cosa che mi rende felice (anche se bestemmio tantissimo mentre lo faccio). Mi incontro con Ilaria la...

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La sbraga dei vini

Words by Cello / Pictures by Cello & Fisto Ci stanno una Francese, un Finlandese, due Laghèe e un Capitano che decidono di andare a fare un percorso inesistente: La Strada dei Vini. Il Capitano li aveva avvertiti: "Va' ch'è 'na merda!" ma la Francese se dici: "Bicicletta!" non capisce più un cazzo; i due Laghèe se dici: "Vino!" non capiscono più un cazzo e il Finlandese... lui non capisce...

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La neve piange

Words by Clava / Pictures by Clava, Pagha, Save & Cello March 8th 2015 While reading Cello’s message I remember that day on Maloja pass, sitting on a table in a dry aseptic place, I remember we were laughing at us, thinking about how derisive we were the day before while laying in front of a hot stove saying that, after climbing the Maloja, we should aim at the Bernina...

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Words & pictures by Cello This trip was formerly rode by Giovanni and Massimo Thank you! We've only added the road from our homes to Argegno and back from Menaggio.   Ferry rules. Nordic ski in Lanzo d'Intelvi. The ficsi-friendly descent after the Arogno customs. If you are so lucky to find in Switzerland an empathic spot, you should always recommend it: Bar Colonne, Largo Mario Soldini, Mendrisio The hard climb to Scudellate. Crossing the...

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Alpine dirt roads on road bikes A bike ride of "Cani Sciolti Valtellina" on De Rosa top range bicycles. Starting from Cuneo (IT) ascending the top of the Col de Tende and then back down on the 48 switchbacks of the dirt road that leads to the Italian Riviera passing through France and the Roja valley. Produced by   Filmed and edited by 341 Production Music: TV on the radio - Wolf like me  Thanks...

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Steep is real

Words by Roberto “ventoinfacciagigisabanisettebellezzeuranuran” Contessa / Pictures by Cello September 28, 2014, a date that will remain in the history of cycling ... or maybe not ...certain is that the leaves are turning yellow and there is not much time left to climb the rock monsters of the Alps before the snow will start to whiten their tops! Now or never! Today in the viewfinder of Cani Sciolti there is...

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Fell on bad days

Words by Roberto "ventoinfacciagigisabanisettebellezzeuranuran" Contessa / Pictures by Cello   Finally a sunny day in this summer that looks more like a busted autumn, at least so says the weather, I hear Cani Sciolti ... someone for a reason someone for another..there is no one ... just me and the captain: we decide to take a ride classified as “very very feasible”, 200km with 4100m of altitude gain and 3...

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The mountain plays Burzum

Words & pictures by Cello “Hey, whenever I look at your Tumblr or Flickr I envy you so much…” This is the same old sentence that comes out from the mouth of my Tuscany friend Fano every time we meet. That’s because we can easily open the door and ride on the Alps, where we live, and where the history (and the present) of cycling has been written in sweat,...

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Pictures by Cello

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