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Words by Cello | Pictures by Cello, Clava, Fisto & Visconte Cobram   LuCani Sciolti “There aren’t actually any hiking, trail or topographic maps about Basilicata, sir… You could try with the IGM’s maps but most of them date back to the ‘70s… ‘l m’ha dìc inscì ‘l me soci sü a la VEL. “Quindi ciccia!” - I replied. But l’internette and i compiuter have given us a huge amount...

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Tosca Graver Race II

Words by Fisto / Pictures by Cello - “Hey are we going to the Tosca? Ok but you have to borrow me the AWOL cause my cx is broken.” - “Okay ... Look, I should go to Curma to take pictures and this weekend I'd have a free lift and accommodation, so no Tosca?” - “Okay, I also want to rest. Then nothing ... “ - “Oh! Curma skipped. Tosca then!” The important...

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